Koh Lanta Weather

It is hard to tell you about a true pattern of the weather in Koh Lanta because every year, we see something different.

The travel guides will tell you that from May 1st to October 31st, it is rainy season. The truth of the matter is that, yes, the prevailing winds change and the sea is a little more choppy with some debris washed onto our beaches. The rain’s are a small feature of this time of year. We call this time of year, The Green Season and it is, infact, maybe the best time to visit. Beaches are empty and the tour destinations are deserted. Many businesses such as SCUBA dive shops stay running all year and the local dive sites are empty of divers and, therefore, full of marine life!

During the “Green Season”, you may have two weeks of uninterrupted sunshine. The unluckiest visitor during this time might receive no more than a few consecutive days of rain.

The most unsettled months of the year are May and October. All other months of the Green Season deliver a good majority of sunshine hours.

From November to April,the weather settles down and over December and January we get the coolest time of the year.

To keep things very simple, take a look at the weather in Europe over the last few years – unsettled is the phrase that comes to mind. Similarly, inThailand, we are seeing “different” weather patterns disrupting normal events. As an example of how strange this can get: November 2010 was our rainiest month ever, on record, with 450mm of rainfall. In March 2011 (a dry season month) we got 950mm+ of rain! A new, and rather alarming, record all due to the La Nina that is starting to fade out now…

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